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Our Process

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We believe that meeting in person helps establish a level of trust that is important in any relationship. We encourage you to take the time to meet with us.

1. Initial Consultation

An initial consultation helps us understand our client's current or future needs. Here we determine if we can be of service to the investor and also determine if our investment products fit within their current portfolio.

2. Portfolio Analysis

If a fit exists, we then move to a comprehensive portfolio analysis to determine an appropriate allocation of various types of real estate securities and other alternative investments geared towards potential income, growth or combination of the two, depending on the very specific needs of the client.

3. Customized Strategy

We then present a customized strategy for our investors to consider, which will include a detailed discussion regarding risks and potential benefits of this strategy. Investors are provided with complete offering documents for each investment being considered.

4. Execute Client's Directive

Once the client has had ample time to review the materials, receive answers to all questions and is prepared to make investments, we then execute the client's directive and keep him or her informed of the status of the transaction as they move towards a closing.

5. Inform of Closing & Plan for the Future

Once investment transactions have been processed and closed, we inform our clients of the closing and provide on-going services in regard to investments they have with us and assist with any future planning needs the client may have.